Pan Mee Tasting Nite

Last night was the 2nd food tasting session at Le’s place. Le’s an ex-colleague who has quit his job to start a food stall…well, not yet, still in product development stage. And this is where we guinea pigs come in.

The 1st session was a western menu – spaghetti + lamb shank + beef stoganoff. It was super yummy yummy YUMMY! Then he decided to change his menu to a more popular local favourite – pan mee.

So how was it, you asked? Take a look below….(hold on to your saliva!)

As I arrived late and the other ‘tasters’ had already had the 1st round of pan mee soup, so this came as my 1st dish. Apparently it’s a famous Melakan snack…still nameless at this point of time. It tasted something like the loh bak’s fried prawn fritters. Pretty good. Easy to eat.

Chef Le in action in the kitchen.




Home-made pan mee soup.

I was too busy eating the dry one, so I forgot to take a photo of it. 😛 Anyway the soup was much better.


One satisfied customer 🙂


Oh, and there were desserts too!



Overall, I still preferred the western menu. But of course I can understand the economics of doing a western food for a food stall may not seem that promising. Anyway, it was a good session. And I sure look forward to his stall opening soon. Place, still undefined, unfortunately. Soon enough, I hope. 🙂


Long Weekend Ahead

Yes, 5 days to be exact! Woo hoo! 😀

Tomorrow is Nuzul Quran (but not for KL, unfortunately…heh heh heh!)…followed by National Day on Tuesday, and I’m taking leave on Monday. So that makes it 5 full days of no work! Muahahahahaha….

But the sad thing is…I have absolutely no plans either. Initially I had wanted to go for a diving trip. Almost made it to Perhentian with Violet, my colleague…then she suggested Bali or Manado in Oct instead, which I’m also quite interested in…though still no firm plans yet…anyhow, Perhentian is not happening for now. It’s OK, coz I’m still going diving in Tioman during the Malaysia Day weekend…and that IS a firmed plan! Yay! 😀

Then, I’m like really geared up with lots of adrenaline to do some outdoor activities this weekend…wanted to hike at Bukit Tabur or even going back to Ah Pek Hill or Broga Hill. Even waterfall is fine with me la. BUT…sigh…it seems like nobody in town share my enthusiasm. 😦 The adventurers are either away this weekend or tied up with their kids’ programmes, etc. And those who are around are more interested in shopping or eating than anything else. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHH….seriously, I think I need to find new sets of friends. They are all getting really boring. Hahaha!

Anyway, I’ll just go along as the days come. At least I’m still going to Bukit Gasing tomorrow morning. No biggie. But, I’m also going to do some wall climbing in Putrajaya on Tuesday! 😀 I remember doing it many years ago in Summit…but anyway, at least that’s something to look forward to for now.

Other than that, I’ll just be a total potato at home…sleeping & surfing the net….for the next 5 whole days! Ahhhh….bliss! 😛

Taking a Break…

…from cyberspace for a while. Or to be exact, from Facebook.

Looking back at how FB in the last 3 years has turned my life upside down & inside out…today, I feel like my life revolves a lot around FB. I check on it everyday. I rely on FB as my source of the latest news instead of reading the papers or news websites. I play games on FB when I’m bored. I’ve become a keh-poh-chee for knowing what’s happening in everybody’s life…well, of course you can argue that they also wanted the world to know about it, that’s why it’s on FB. But sometimes, it can be overly overwhelming. Sometimes there are just things that are better left unknown…in order to keep a good relationship/friendship/whatever-ship. Sometimes, what you don’t know won’t hurt you.

Then, the other thing is, 3/4 of the people in my list are far from whom I would call ‘friends’. Despite the fact that I don’t add total strangers that look or sound dodgy…but I still do add some people who are suggested by friends, or have mutual friends, or people I’ve only met once in my life, or people that have ‘bought’ me before or helped me achieve multilevel on FB games before, etc. You know…but they are also the people that I’m not so comfortable sharing my personal lives with. I feel that my account today has evolved into something somewhat chaotic, despite me having 6 layers of friends with different privacy levels. Haha…I wonder if there’s anyone out there who is more paranoid or a more control-freak than me. 😛

Maybe that’s my problem. It’s getting slightly a wee bit out of control…and I don’t like the feeling of it. Gee, I don’t know. Are there any hard & fast rules about which ‘friend’ you should keep & which to delete from FB? People who don’t update about themselves but pries on others’ personal lives? People who keep posting rubbish nonsense that sabotage your News Feed? If I delete someone, does that I mean I don’t want to be friends with the person anymore? How about close friends who refuse to add me as a friend? Gosh….this is all so stupid.

Anyway I’m taking a breather from this FB thingy. If you’re my ‘real’ friend, you know where to find me. And if you’re genuinely interested to know what’s happening in my life, you would proactively point your mouse to my blog site here instead of un-selectively stumbling across my updates while screening through hundreds of feeds that you’re not interested in anyway.

I will be back (on FB) shortly soon….after I’ve figured some things out. 🙂

6/8: I ogled a HOT babe today!

No, it’s not new. But I still salivate everytime I see this babe on the road. Check out its even hotter sister, Bianca White. It burnt my phone everytime before I could snap a pic of it. Darn. 😛

Peugeot 308. The right chemistry.

Damn Cobra!

After yesterday’s cobra incident, now I’m afraid to go Bukit Gasing alone. Damn!

Angie was leading yesterday & she kept turning behind to talk to us. Luckily she turned back to the front in time to see the cobra’s tail sprawling across part of the track before mindlessly stepping on it! I was behind her when she suddenly stopped, u-turned & walked back swiftly, then I saw that long, fat tail on the ground. Its head was ‘standing up’ and looking away from us. But it was totally still. I believe it was crossing the track when we bump into it, and it didn’t move because it was just as stunned to see us as we were to see it. 😛 Anyway, after turning back, in less than a minute, we met a group of 2 guys & a girl, so we told them about the snake but they decided to go ahead with some sticks in hand, so we followed behind and when we reached the spot again, it was already gone. So technically, it was only meant for the 3 of us to see it. Hmm…I was telling CPL how lucky she was because in my whole 3 years of hiking in Bukit Gasing, I hadn’t seen anything at all…and yesterday, out of the blue she decided to join us and we saw a snake. There must be some correlation here. Must be. Haha.

We believe it was a cobra because only cobras are able to rear up their heads. However this one didn’t look like a king cobra to me because it was smooth shiny black. I don’t know, the king cobras I had encountered before were all silver greyish with scaly bodies. And they always like to spread their necks, but this one didn’t. And I would know a king cobra when I see one because one of its kind killed my most beloved dog, Simon, 19 years ago. Simon was a Samoyed pure breed, and I had him since I was 5, maybe, and he was just a puppy. So we literally grew up together…and because my house was always frequented by snakes from the big bushes behind, over the years he had become an expert snake fighter, a trusted sidekick to my dad & grandpa during battles. A true warrior. Perhaps at that time he was already old, less quick & agile, so finally he lost to a king cobra’s venomous bite during one of the fights. I don’t care if people say that cobras are actually shy in nature & only attack when provoked & that it probably had to kill my dog because its neck was ‘on the chopping board’ inside his mouth at that time….but the fact remains that my dog is dead & that makes the king cobras my enemy forever!

Anyway, since I still intend to hike at Bukit Gasing, I decided to google about them. Sun Tzu said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

So, from my childhood experience & some websites I found, here are some facts about snakes & tips for hikers on avoiding snake bites:

  • To kill a snake, go straight for the head.
  • The only stick that can kill a snake is the bamboo. It’s the only stick that is hard enough to smash the head to death.
  • Snakes are afraid of / will stay away from geese & sulphur (so carrying some sulphur if you’re going into the woods may be a good idea).
  • Not all snakes are venomous, but don’t take chances anyway.
  • Cobras are one of the most venomous snakes in the world. King cobra is one of the members in the cobra family.
  • King cobras are shy and will avoid humans whenever possible, but they are fiercely aggressive when cornered. They will flatten their neck, showing the fangs and hissing loudly as a sign of threat (see National Geographic & Wikipedia)
  • Most snakes don’t normally attack human unless disturbed too.
  • So try to remain on the hiking paths & stay away from tall grasses. Avoid confrontations with them if you see them & they will leave you alone too.
  • Check out the profile of different snakes at the Venomous Snakes website.

If you or your friend are bitten by a snake (summarized from the Malaysia’s Nature Heritage website):

  • Don’t panic. The effects of venom are increased drastically by a person under immense stress and anxiety.
  • Do NOT cut the wound or attempt sucking out the venom.
  • Do NOT attempt to do arterial tourniquets (strapping the affected part tightly to control the blood flow). Just apply a pressure bandage is sufficient.
  • Immediately go to the nearest government hospital. Don’t bother going to a private clinic or hospital because they don’t normally keep the antivenin because it is too expensive.
  • Take note on its characteristics for easier identification of its species later in order to determine whether it is a venomous bite or not, and the type of treatment required.

More facts about snake bites can be found in Dr Chew’s blog on Emergency Medicine.

If you want to know more about treating snake bites, you can also try reading the article: Snake Envenomation: Cobra

Are You a Sucker to Your Own Lifestyle?

Got this from Awwwong today. Interesting article.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I know of many friends who have quit (or intending to quit) their jobs lately without another offer in hand. It’s like a trend these days…a ‘modern’ dilemma. They call it the ‘quarter-life crisis’. You’ve come to a block in your life. Your career life. You don’t enjoy your work anymore. You don’t know where it’s heading to. Most of all, you don’t even know what you want to do.

Given a choice, everybody wants to do what they enjoy doing. To find their passions. To fulfill their dreams. The question is, how badly do you want that to happen? How far are you willing to go to grasp that dream & make it come true to you? Would you do it if it’s at the expense of your comfortable & luxurious lifestyle now? No more monthly overseas trips. No more new LV/Hermes/Ferragamo bags. No more Manolo Blahniks shoes. No more weekly winings & dinings at Lafite. No more privilege of flying Business Class on business trips. And possibly, no more Blackberrys too. Sigh.

But in return you’ll get a much more meaningful & fulfilling life.

I read somewhere, “Happy people are happy rich or poor. Unhappy people are unhappy rich or poor.”

Simple but so so true.

I heard over (another) interview in BFM…this big time financial writer-cum-investor was saying that if his daughter doesn’t turn out to be financially inclined like him but instead wants to be a musician when she grows up, he will give her his full support to do so. “You need to be doing your passion, only then will you actually find success.”

Food for thought….

Too Sexy for Sustainability

If you have been listening to BFM interviews every morning, you will hear this word being said countless times over almost every interview. Everybody has something to say about it. The environment is a big thing in everyone’s agenda. Everybody is working towards ‘sustainability’.


I think it sounds incredibly sexy just the sheer mention of ‘sustainability’…and then it becomes more orgasmic when you can actually talk about it & tell people much how you want to save the world. It’s a big, elegant & sophisticated word, you know…it can make people turn around to look at you & go “ooooooooooooooooh“….

And I don’t think it has to mean only to the environment. Anything ‘sustainability’ still sounds sexy.

I want to find a new sexy word tomorrow. I need to sustain the real meaning of sustainability, please. Thank you.

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