Pan Mee Tasting Nite

Last night was the 2nd food tasting session at Le’s place. Le’s an ex-colleague who has quit his job to start a food stall…well, not yet, still in product development stage. And this is where we guinea pigs come in.

The 1st session was a western menu – spaghetti + lamb shank + beef stoganoff. It was super yummy yummy YUMMY! Then he decided to change his menu to a more popular local favourite – pan mee.

So how was it, you asked? Take a look below….(hold on to your saliva!)

As I arrived late and the other ‘tasters’ had already had the 1st round of pan mee soup, so this came as my 1st dish. Apparently it’s a famous Melakan snack…still nameless at this point of time. It tasted something like the loh bak’s fried prawn fritters. Pretty good. Easy to eat.

Chef Le in action in the kitchen.




Home-made pan mee soup.

I was too busy eating the dry one, so I forgot to take a photo of it. 😛 Anyway the soup was much better.


One satisfied customer 🙂


Oh, and there were desserts too!



Overall, I still preferred the western menu. But of course I can understand the economics of doing a western food for a food stall may not seem that promising. Anyway, it was a good session. And I sure look forward to his stall opening soon. Place, still undefined, unfortunately. Soon enough, I hope. 🙂


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