Eat, Pray, Love: What Is Your Word?

It started screening yesterday and I went to watch it last night. Haven’t read the book yet…but that makes the whole movie experience more interesting because I walked into the cinema with zero expectations.

I thought the film was nice. Funny. Inspiring.

The story is pretty female-centric, if you ask me…as in, most women (as opposed to men) will be able to understand & identify with the issues & emotions discussed in the film…and also I think only the women are gutsy enough to do the things that she did. Haha. OK, I’m talking in the context of Malaysia…as in, most Malaysian men, especially above 30, don’t have the guts to leave their comfort zone ‘in search of their souls. 😛 Or maybe they don’t really give two hoots about their souls. Haha. OK OK, back to the movie. 😉

But seriously, I believe that we will all come to a point in our lives, where we will start to look deeper into ourselves…into our souls…to search for the meaning of life. I remember not too long ago, I’d wake up everyday feeling exactly just like how Elizabeth Gilbert describes it…”no passion, no spark, no faith“…just like a walking zombie. I can’t say that I’ve already found them. I’m still trying to find them here without having to take drastic steps like Liz…not that I wouldn’t…in fact, some people are expecting some big moves from me because I’m ‘always unsettled’, quoted a friend. Damn. Always unsettled??? …..anyway….

‘Eat, Pray, Love’ is a woman’s journey to finding herself…her passions…her happiness. She loves her food…therefore she seeked to learn more about it in Italy…not to mention, indulge in it…and then, she went to India to find her spirituality…to feed her soul…because spirituality is the core component of our whole being & existence, more than we realise it…and then, she found love in Bali. What is life without love? But that’s for her…because not everyone will take the same route to finding themselves. But the point is making that conscious decisions to take control of our own lives. And for things that are out of our control, pray to God.

How often is it that we know this is not where we want to be…maybe in our career, relationship, marriage, country…and we dream of places we want to go or things we want to do in this lifetime…yet the only thing we do is complain? Then we suck it up and continue living the same unhappy lives because…“The only thing more unthinkable than leaving was staying; the only thing more impossible than staying was leaving.” No judgement. We’re all guilty of that. It just gets harder as we grow older. But sometimes we need to do something crazy to be alive again…to completely let go of ourselves once in a while to be able to marvel at the world we’re living in…and to hang out with/talk to/read/watch/learn about inspiring people once in a while to find hope in ourselves again.

There were many instances in the movie that made me stop & think about my own life. And there were so many quotes from her that I find really so true, witty and yet inspiring. And some scenes & lines I thought was so me! Haha. I found some of the quotes being compiled here. And I found it quite unbelievable that anyone could get hooked up with the person who had just knocked you down with his car. I mean, what are the chances that the idiot could be a handsome Brazillian dude in real life????

Sitting in an outdoor café in Rome, Liz & her friends discussed that every city—and every person—has a word. Rome’s is “sex,” the Vatican’s is “power”, New York’s is “achieve,”….and she struggled to find her own word…but later decided that hers is “antevasin”, Sanskrit for “one who lives at the border”. Hmmm…so what is mine?

And what is yours?


4 Responses

  1. I heard about the book n the movie. I not yet watch lah.
    But but for me my word for Inverness = Peace

  2. u still miss inverness huh? i miss london la. 😦 eh go watch it…it’s nice & funny la.

  3. we may have different words for different phases of our life, no?

    I guess for me the word that comes to mind would be FAMILY.

  4. hmm…that is true. 10 years from now hopefully the word will be RETIRED. 😀

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