2011: Afterlife

2010 has been quite a ride for me. The crash-land was very bumpy & had caused some serious injuries, no less. Nevertheless, I survived. The healing process had inadvertently pushed me to challenge myself on the physical side (erm, something to do with wanting to prove myself…either that I could still look great, or that I’m tough enough for anything, or both). Hence the 2nd half of 2010 had seen me working the hills like crazy and indulging in other sports like never before. I’ve started taking up tennis 2 months ago…now I play every Saturdays with Loong Hee & Seng Keong & go to Gasing on Sundays AND weekday evenings. But that’s also mainly to train for Mt Kinabalu, which I had committed during that wanting-to-prove-myself period.

On the other side of the room, the dollars have gotten stronger. Sales started pouring in. I’ve managed to accomplish some of the to-do & to-get list for 2010, such as I finally got my Macbook Pro, I managed 2 dive trips – Tioman & Dayang (woohoo!), I went to Taiwan – OK, that was unplanned & partly sponsored, but what the heck! It’s still an overseas trip! 😛

2011 is anticipated to be an exciting year ahead…some events/things to look forward to:

  • Mt Kinabalu (Apr) – Climbing it is just the icing on the cake. The whole preparation adds on to the excitement as well. Though, I must say, don’t plan too far ahead…I planned mine for 9 months! It’s true that when I decided to go for it, I was all geared up, feeling very enthusiastic & went training every other day for it for the next 3-4 months. Now, 6 months later, I’m feeling a bit lazy & tired…and I think I’m going to retire from the mountains after the trip! My bed has been missing my company. Haha. Anyway, the time is drawing closer to the day. Things still to do – get my hiking pants/gloves/head-torch/scarf/etc. and after CNY must start training at Ah Pek Hill every Sunday until the day arrives. My only concern is not so much about stamina part but the altitude sickness part. It’s all about the breathing, I was told. And “don’t do too much of cardio workouts so that your lungs are not expanded coz then you’ll need lots of oxygen”. OK, makes sense.
  • Beijing (May) – I’ve never been there before and have been briefed about all the majestic places to visit there. I’m quite excited to visit them finally (well, everybody seems to have been to Beijing before!). I got the flight tickets during Air Asia promo…only RM280 for return tickets but after adding all the baggage & meals, it came up to RM400. Still cheap. Going for a week with CPL & hb. I’m still looking for a person to come along to share the room with me. Any takers? 😉
  • iPhone 4 – Will be getting it once my bonus is confirmed, sometime in end Jan. The only question is, which plan am I going to go with?
  • Canon 60D – Been contemplating whether the iPhone or 60D is priority. Actually, I don’t really need either of them. Haha. My phone is still working well, so is my G7. So….hmm….but then….hmm…anyway….I guess I use the phone more than the camera. So iPhone will be my next toy first. 60D can come after I’m done with my Macbook installment. 🙂
  • Advanced Open Water Licence – That’s the next level after my current Open Water Licence. With the Advanced licence, I’ll be able to go deeper, up to 40 meters, and I want to do the night dive too. No dates yet but we’ll see. It’s definitely in my list for the coming year.
  • Company incentive trip – Since we hit our company target this year, we are all anticipating an interesting place for incentive trip. I’m guessing Korea or even Australia, perhaps. Hehe. Anyways, this is something definitely to look forward to, and I’m praying like crazy that it won’t happen in Apr or May!
  • New job – Again? Haha. Carried forward from last year. I’m underpaid lah! Oh but it’ll have to be after the incentive trip, of course. 😛

Happy New Year & may the new year brings greater opportunities, health & wealth to everyone! 😀


Compliments to La Senza!

Continuing from my previous blog on La Senza’s screwed up promo, after writing to them, they have replied today to say,

“As an appreciation for your effort to write to us to prompt us of the matter, we are enclosing a RM100 La Senza shopping voucher for you.”

Woohooooo!!!!!!! Excellent! 😀 😀 😀

I truly appreciate what the girl (Jeslyn Ho) has done in response to my comment earlier. At least she has taken proactive steps to indeed keep their customers satisfied, instead of simply sleeping on it. I hope all the other business owners will learn that it only takes a little effort to make their customers happy…and that is to let them know how much they are being valued as a customer. I would have been happy if they had just given me a RM30 voucher! Haha. Well, at least it’s something…anything is better than nothing. At least it shows that they’ve listened, acknowledged, accepted & rectified. It’s not so much of the value but the effort to rectify that counts, really. That, I’ve also learned from my work as a sales person too.

OK, so now I don’t need to change brand for my bras & panties anymore…yet. Phew. Haha. 😛

Bravo, La Senza!

Boo La La…La Senza!

Over the last week, La Senza was heavily promoting their 3-days promotion to their Prestige Card members. It was all over their Facebook page and they even sent an SMS to me about it (yes, I’m a member of their Prestige Club :)). The promo was…

I was delighted with the promotion because I’ve been wanting to replace some of my old panties for some time now.

But alas, I had absolutely no opportunity to go to either 1 Utama or Pavilion on Fri & Sat. Sun was quite a challenge too. The girls came from Ipoh on Sat, stayed overnight at my place to attend our reunion dinner, and we went to KL for breakfast on Sun morning. After breakfast, we went to Mid Valley. There, I saw a good wide range of new panties (and even with Christmas designs!) at their La Senza outlet, but I shouldn’t get them here since they were giving 30% discount in 1 Utama & Pavilion, right? But when? How? Sun was the last day already. And that night we were celebrating CPL & Angie’s birthdays.

So, being the devious me, I suggested we go to 1 Utama for the birthday dinner. 😀

So 1 Utama I went. La Senza outlet. I looked at their poster again to make sure I didn’t miss out any fine prints. “30% on ALL PURCHASES“. OK, crystal clear to me. The range of panties were not as many as in Mid Valley, and many designs I wanted didn’t have my size anymore. Anyway, after spending a good 15 mins carefully choosing 5 panties (for RM89) and running late for dinner, I quickly placed them at the counter. Then, the girl said to me, I’m sorry miss, the 30% discount is not valid for the panties bundle. Everything else is valid.”

I looked at her with disbelief. But since I had to run & didn’t want to waste the 15 mins I spent choosing them, I just paid for them anyway.

I was (and still am) terribly pissed off….because:

  • Their ads, poster, even SMS all said the same thing – “30% on all purchases storewide“. Now, doesn’t “ALL PURCHASES” mean everything that is sold in the store?
  • Someone asked in their Facebook page whether the discount was only for selected items, they specifically replied that it was for ALL ITEMS. No exception was mentioned.
  • Even so, there was no mention on the price board of the panties bundle to say that this was NOT part of the promotion.
  • If they had said “on selected items“, at least I would have enquired earlier, and then I would have just bought them in Mid Valley in the first place, with more choices of panties. Imagine if I had driven all the way to Pavilion..for nothing!
  • And also the fact that I had spent 15 mins choosing them & being late for my dinner appointment, when I could have done it at any other time. Sigh.

So, I wrote on their Facebook page wall, links & notes on the promotion, about this matter. Then someone sent a personal message to me to apologise for the misunderstanding and I quote,

“We are very appreciative that you have taken the time to bring this to our attention and we do hope to make the message more clear in the future and WD we hope you remain a satisfied customer with La Senza in the near future.”

How to remain a satisfied customer when they did nothing to redeem their mistake & made no effort to compensate/compliment/made amendments to me even after expressing my dissatisfaction to them? Sigh. Anyway, I’ve replied her with my points and hinted that they should do something to honour their words. So I’m still waiting for their reply. Then we’ll know if La Senza really cares about their customers or not.

Latest Update: I have received a reply a week later to tell me that they are indeed giving a shopping voucher to me in appreciation of my effort to bring this matter up to them. See my next blog about it.

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