Birthdays Are For Queens…

So today is my birthday. Yay!

No, I’m not particularly excited about birthdays anymore…especially when the numbers are not exactly ‘small’ either. But I still deserve to be a queen today, right? Waking up late…breakfast on bed…spa in the afternoon…sipping tea with a good book in the evening…you know, that sort of thing. No???

Nooooo…instead, I had to wake up earlier than normal today because this client wanted to meet at 8.30am! Who in the right mind would want to discuss work at such wee hours in the morning?! Gosh. 😛

Anyway, it reminded me of the times when I also had quirky birthdays like this too…thanks to work!

I remember it was 2006…and it was a Sunday…yes, SUNDAY. And yet, I had to work on my birthday…which happened to be a SUNDAY!!!!! Hahaha. That was because of a conference in Genting Highlands. Yes, you can say that at least I got to go to Genting for my birthday. I did have some fun at night. But still, the fact remained that I had to work on my birthday, which happened to fall on a Sunday. Sigh.

Then, there was also once, in 2008, I had to travel all the way to Kuala Pilah to conduct a talk in the hospital there on my birthday. If you’ve never been there before, the journey is about 1.5 hours from PJ. 45 mins on the highway to Seremban (which was no problem at all). Then the trunk road from Seremban to Kuala Pilah is nauseting, to say the least. So yes, when everybody would find ways to skip work & go home early on their birthdays, I had to travel 1.5 hours to Kuala Pilah, carry the notes, conduct the talk and then travel another 1.5 head-spinning hours back to PJ…on my birthday. Sigh.

So if birthdays are for queens, then it’s definitely not for me. 😛

But the thing I always look forward to is….the birthday CAKE! Hehehe. 😉 😉 😉


Birthday Carnival – Day 2

And my birthday carnival continued on to the next day. 😉

Last night, we had a double birthday celebration for Uncle Lek & myself. Uncle Lek’s birthday is today. It was a tradition carried from last year that we would celebrate our birthdays together. I don’t mind, it was good fun to catch up with the uncle & aunties & cuzzies.

So we went to Coconut Flower @ Teluk Gong for seafood. The food was nothing great to shout about. I felt that the crabs were not as fresh as they used to be…the meehoon lala was pathetic…and the tomyam prawns were too sweet. But then maybe because it was Sunday & the place was packed with people, so inadvertently the quality was compromised as well…giving them the benefit of the doubt. But people still flock to the place…I mean, I know I will still go back there again la. Haha. Suckers, aren’t we? 😛

Anyway, here are some (unedited) shots taken by Sia (except the cake, by yours truly) of the cake cutting session:

Yummy cake with cutesy tootsy decos bought by Sau Mun from San Terri Cottage, The Gardens.

Birthday Carnival – Day 1

Sookie once said that my birthday is like a carnival…always filled with a series of celebrations. 😀 I am truly grateful to be blessed with different groups of wonderful friends who would want to spend their time & money to celebrate my birthday with me. Haha. And not forgetting my relatives here in KL as well. Sometimes I wonder if they really mean to celebrate my birthday or just looking for excuses to hang out. Perhaps both, I suppose. Haha. Anyhow, I’m still blessed to have them in my life. 🙂

So, my first birthday celebration already started last night. That’s because Li Ping will be in Shanghai next week, so won’t be able to celebrate on the actual day with me.

We went to Ozeki Japanese Restaurant at Menara TA One, Jalan P Ramlee.

The food was good, though on a pricey side. The bill for 5 of us came up to RM430++. According to my friend, the food here is the most authentic you can find in KL…the most closely resembled those in Tokyo. We booked a private room for ourselves. In fact they only have 1 private room.

Here are some shots taken with my iPhone 4 & unedited.


Unagi salad – very nice!

 Sashimi platter

Volcano roll – something different & nice

 Unagi roll – yummylicous!

 Green tea tiramisu cake – don’t bother, seriously. Their ice-creams/sorbets are better.

For reservation, you may contact:

Ozeki Japanese Restaurant
Menara TA One, Ground Floor,
No. 22, Jalan P.Ramlee,
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2166 4263

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