Be Careful What You Wish For

Evidence 1:

It wasn’t long ago when I complained how boring my life was & how nice it would be if I could travel a bit more…maybe for work, or play, or anything! I just wanted to get out from the house & go somewhere! 

So when I had a little money & was able to afford a little holiday, last year I booked my Mount Kinabalu climb in April & Beijing trip in May. Ahhh, travelling finally. 🙂 But I realised soon after my KK trip that I shouldn’t have planned 2 high energy trips back-to-back. Sigh. OK nevermind, I’ll be able to rest after Beijing. Then….*bling* suddenly I was told that the regional department meeting this year will be held in Phuket…and it will be in June! *Gulp* OK, so that’s 3 trips in 3 months in a row!  And of course, since I’ll be there, might as well extend a few more days & do the touristy thing that I didn’t manage to do the last time, right? Oh gosh…there goes my ‘rest after Beijing’ and the ‘little money’ that I had.

OK…THENNNNNN….the company announced that we’ll be going for our incentive trip to Hong Kong in September!!!!!!!! AND, before I knew about the Phuket trip, I had already booked for a skiing holiday to Korea with Li Ping & Fred in Jan 2012. Sooooo…..suddenly, I’m swarmed with all the travelling!!! I know I shouldn’t be complaining….I know many people could only dream of these….BUT…seriously, I am dead tired! And will be dead broke too! Haha. Now my hair stands whenever someone asks me to go on a holiday with him/her/them. Even to Melaka OK!!! It didn’t even cross my mind to try the Air Asia RM1 promo they just had recently, although it’s for next year’s travel. My brains just simply cuts off from the word ‘travel’ now. Gee….I never knew I’d ever come to this. Ever. 😛

Evidence 2:

After my climb to Mount Kinabalu, after all that sweating & pain & hard work, I noticed that my weight only dropped 1 kg…from 53 to 52 kg…and my ideal weight is 50 kg. So I wondered if I will ever be able to reach it. And then guess what? A miracle happened. I had a bad case of food poisoning right after I came back from Beijing & was having diarrhea for a week…and I finally lost that 2 kg! Of course this wasn’t how I wanted to lose it…I mean, obviously I was losing 2 kg of water instead of fats. And I looked shrunken & sunken & it was just so unhealthy. But the fact is, I had finally reached my ideal weight. Man….what can I say?!

I don’t know about you but sometimes I’m amazed by God’s sense of humour. So be careful the next time you pray for something. It might just come true…or an overdose of it. 😉


7 Responses

  1. Hey, I was about to tell you Kenneth and I planned to bring Ryan to Malacca for short weekend some time in June (school hols)…..would you like to join us???……. OOpps….I guess not……

  2. So now you know how I feel every year when I had to go to one of the Asean countries (2011-Phnom Penh, 2010-Brunei, 2009-Hanoi, 2008-Bangkok etc) for convention in Jan, India in Feb, Berlin in Mar, Jakarta in April, Dubai in May…………

  3. I guess we should not be complaining but count the blessings. Gosh u got so many trips in a year! Envy u a little tho… heehee

    Eh maybe hor u got lotsa trip this year, n next year u got lotsa work to do lor… LOL

  4. SD: Aiyo Malacca?! Haha. Anyway I’m going to Phuket in June. I thought dad & mom going to S’pore in June too?

    Hahaha…..did you travel every month? But it does sound good. 😉

  5. Steph: Hahaha….yeah, I’m sure I got lotsa work to do next year…coz I’ll be so broke by then, so no choice but to work hard to earn back the $$$$. 😛
    Hey you can go for trips too…Naomi is big enough to travel & enjoy the hols already.

  6. enjoying life to the fullest again! 😀

    hey, what type of ideal weight is 50kg anyway?!!! :-p

  7. it’s according to my height….and i thought after minus some of the extra fats & buldges, it should come down to 50kg. 😛

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