Teksi! Teksi!

The only time I take taxis here in KL is when going to & coming back from KLIA…and I normally take the KLIA Limo Services. Don’t be fooled by the name. They are nothing but normal sedan cars, the budget ones are usually Proton Wajas…sometimes you get the Proton Sagas. I’ll use them to go to the airport because their charges are actually cheaper than the normal city taxis, much to contrary beliefs. If you don’t believe me, try calling them & see. They charge cheaper because there’re other options of going to the airport, unlike when coming back, they will charge higher because they know you can’t take the other normal taxis.

Anyway, because I’ve been travelling quite a bit lately, so I’ve been in & out the KLIA taxis more often now….and I’ve also seen more of those in other countries too…and I really must say something about our own airport taxis. They are indeed quite a let-down…unfortunately. Sigh.

Imagine if I’m a tourist and the KLIA taxi is the first encounter with the country…the impression I get is that this is indeed a third-world country…very much still.

Here are some of the things I noticed/encountered about our KLIA taxis:

  • The condition of the interior is pretty run down. You don’t get the comfy feeling when you sit inside. Don’t come & tell me that it’s just a Proton Saga so what can I expect. I expect it to be maintained just like if it was your own car. If the seat cover is torn, fix it. If there are patches on the seat, clean it. If the seat cover / dashboard / air-cond / stereo is old and/or faulty already, then for God sake change it!
  • They don’t use a GPS here. Even in our small tiny neighbour, Singapore, ALL their taxis are already using GPS. Our taxis are very gung-ho one…no need GPS one. They think they’re walking Google map. But then, ALL of them ended up asking me how to get to my place. Good thing I’m going home. What if I’m visiting my grand-auntie’s godson’s brother’s daughter’s place for the first time? Then what? They’ll start calling their friends to ask for directions? Sigh.

    Funny thing that day, the taxi fella firstly asked me how to get to my place. Then he asked me how to get to Setapak from my place (after dropping me off). I wanted to tell him that I should be the taxi driver instead lah.

  •  The level of professionalism is almost non-existent. Maybe they don’t know that it’s important to have it, since they’re “only taxi drivers”. Example, this fella picked me up from KLIA…then just as we left the airport, he turned into Petronas to pump petrol. And it wasn’t the normal petrol, it was the NGV, where the queue was super long. First of all, you should have pumped petrol BEFORE picking up any passenger. You don’t let your passengers wait in your car while you go find “jam ban” (toilet bowl) lah. You know what I mean? Sigh.

I think all the taxi drivers (KLIA or city) need to go for a taxi driving course before allowed the licence to drive one. If only they could just see how taxis in other countries work…and I’m not even talking about the western ones. Just go to Singapore…or even Taiwan (who was worse off than Malaysia 20 years ago) is good enough. Maybe they don’t know that taxis in other countries are already way nicer than ours because they’ve been living in the shell all these while…and think it’s normal for taxis everywhere to be like this.

OK lah, on a positive note, at least all the taxi drivers I encountered were honest & genuine people. I think that itself, we’ve come a long way since maybe 10 years ago. But there’re still a lot that can be done. And I hope it won’t take us another 10 years to catch up with other countries.

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