Maybank Idiots!

Dear Maybank,

I don’t know what sort of dumb employees you’ve got there.

Firstly, you required me to FAX (not by email but only fax!) my appeal letter to you for a refund. Fine. Then, before you decided to CALL me to tell me that you’re rejecting my appeal, please make sure that you’re prepared with a blaaardy good reason for it, otherwise you’ll end up sounding plain dumb & unprofessional. You know what, nobody has ever rejected my appeal before…not because I write fantastic appeal letters but simply because it’s basic customer service. I admitted I was wrong, gave you my reasons & now asking you out of goodwill to waive it. What is RM50 to you compared to a customer who has been with you for 20 years anyway?

So this is goodbye. I won’t miss you, as you’ve not treasured our relationship anyway.



Breaking From The Hills

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you would’ve read about my knee & breaking from the hills.

OK, here’s the story.

First, my left knee started to pain during my descent from Mount Kinabalu. That was in April last year. Since then, it’s been fine whenever I go to Gasing Hill. However, when I went to Apek Hill, during descending, it would start to pain again. Every time, without fail. Maybe coz it’s higher & the trails are longer than Gasing. So I know that my left knee is still not fully recovered yet.

Then when I went skiing in Korea in Jan this year, I fell awkwardly (to be exact, my right knee was bent forward) during the 1st day of ski itself, resulting in me not being able to ski for the next 2 days, which I had already paid for. I could hardly even walk for the first week. Although I could walk normally after that, until today, my right knee still feels ‘weird’ when trying to bend at certain angle. In fact, I still can’t really squat completely. So I know that my right knee is definitely not recovered yet too. But it didn’t give any problem during hiking…so far.

So after much procrastination, I finally decided to seek professional help about my knees. So last Friday, I went to see Dr Saw (UMSC), an orthopaedic surgeon, who was recommended by my colleague. I told him about both my knees & he said that my right knee still looks swollen. Anyway here are some excerpts of our conversation:

(After examining both knees…)

Dr Saw: Actually there’s nothing that can be done about it (my knees). You just need to rest…for at least 2 weeks. 

Me: But I’ve already been having the pain for quite some time already.

Dr Saw: Yes, but have you ever rested????

Me: Errrrrrrrmmmmmm……(thinking, thinking, thinking. Hmmm, actually….that’s quite true. The week I came back from Korea, I was already playing tennis, despite my knee wasn’t well yet. :-P)

Dr Saw: So stop hiking or any sports…for a month. Then we’ll see if your knees are better. If not, then we’ll do an MRI. If the MRI shows there’s any (can’t remember the terms he used but something about something being torn inside), then I’ll have to refer you to my friend who is a sports therapist. You better take care of your knees, you know. You’re already thirty-what? But good thing you’re not overweight. Worst case scenario is you’ll need to do surgery to put a plate inside your knee, like this (he showed a model of the knee plated with some stainless steel)…you wouldn’t want that right???

Me: (Eyes & mouth opened wide…shaking my head) Nooooo….

Dr Saw: So can you do that or not? Can you rest for a month or not????

Me: Ahh…can can cannnn!!!

Hahahahaha! Real cute!

Then he also prescribed pain-killer (NSAID) & glucosamine for me…both originals. 😉

I must say, the pain-killer came in real handy because I went to Bukit Tabur the next day, and I felt nothing at all! I tell you, them pain-killers are really awesome!

So anyway, I gave myself until last Monday to do my last hikes before I call it quits…for a month. Wah, the Bukit Tabur was one helluva closure, man! (Will tell you more about it in my next blog.) I’ll also be breaking from the tennis session for awhile. Gosh! My concern is after 1 month, my fitness level is back to square one…and I’ll have to start from 0 again. Sigh. And I’ll probably grow fatter too. SIGHHH. Luckily I can still swim. And luckily swimming is my 2nd nature (to sleeping…hahaha!). So I guess I’ll be sticking to swimming for awhile.

Now I’ll have to think of what to do on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings. Like today, good thing my maid came in to clean the house, otherwise I’ll be feeling so weird to be sitting at home doing nothing. It’s funny how I got to this stage. I mean, I’d be dreading it when I had to wake up early on a weekend…and now that I have all the time in the world to sleep till I drop, hmm…suddenly it ain’t that sweet either. Apa macam ni? Hahaha.

So anyway, please pray for me that my knees will recover in a month’s time. I’ll be a good girl & rest, I promise. 🙂

Draw! Draw! Draw!

Yes, I’m in that drawing craze too.I must say, ever since I installed the app more than a week ago, I’m spending the whole night just drawing something. And half of my working time too. Haha.

See, coz I’m drawing to 12 people at the same time! So by the time I finished drawing to, say, the 5th person, the 1st person would have drawn back to me. And the cycle continues…the whole night long!

And not only I’m drawing my nights away, I’m drawing my batteries away too. Gosh!

Anyway I just wanna share with you some of my masterpieces *ahem*. Hahahaha. But of course most of the time they were just sticks men & women. Hey it’s not easy to draw with the fingers, OK?! Once I drew the worst hamster anyone could have ever seen…and before I finished it, instead of deleting the drawing, I pressed the wrong button & sent it over instead! Hahaha. Luckily the fella could still guess it correctly. So pai seh.

Unfortunately I only started to take screen shots just recently, there were many nice ones earlier that I didn’t record. Hey I even drew Lady Gaga before…and my friend, Kevin, was able to guess it before I finished drawing it…so I guess it wasn’t that bad huh? 😛

Here are some shots of my (more recent) masterpieces. Will put up some more as I go along lah. 😉

Date Over A Shoe!

Interesting thing I heard over Capital FM 88.9 last night. (Gee, come to think of it, it’s always the radio huh? :-P)

We’ve all heard of double dates, blind dates, speed dating, online dating…now there’s a new one – SHOE DATING! Oh yeah….! So how does it work?

Simple. Buy a pair of shoes & get a man FREE! Nice!!! 😉

So buy 3 pairs of shoes & get 3 men FREE!!!!! Haha. But yeah, seriously. Not bad huh.

I mean, you know how some people go for astrology & personality tests & tarot & etc to see if the partner is a good match? So now you’re actually ‘blind dating’ a man who likes the same shoes as you. And I think this is more practical than astrology or some stupid tests. Haha. I mean, hey, everyone knows that shoes is such an important element / obsession / whatever-you-wanna-call-it in a woman’s life. And I think each woman’s taste in shoes is much like our thumbprints. Everyone is unique. So finding a guy that has the same taste in shoes as you could be a BIG match factor…don’t you think so?! Hahaha. 😉

OK OK, actually I just thought this is real fun stuff. Not really to find the man of your dreams but just the whole ‘going for a date over a pair of shoes’ concept is interesting. Let’s see, if I have the time, maybe I’ll drop by Shoes Shoes Shoes too…though I’m kinda too old for this kinda stuff now. 😛

Anyway here is the article on the shoe dating thingy & how to go about finding yourself an interesting date. (Click on it for a larger view.)

Or you can also like their Facebook Page.

Good luck! 🙂

A Great Leader – The Goldsmith Way

This morning on the way to work, as usual, I tuned into BFM 89.9 for their Breakfast Grille programme. Today they interviewed Marshall Goldsmith over the phone. He’s an Executive Coach, meaning he trains CEOs to become even better CEOs.

During the interview (which normally my brains would wander somewhere else half the time), something he said caught my ears, which I thought was very interesting indeed.

When asked what is the biggest challenge that leaders face today, he said it’s their ego. He said that a great achiever is all about ‘me’…but a great leader is all about ‘them’.

See, when someone just starts out in his career, he would work hard to achieve his targets, exceed his expectations and learn all the technical skills in order to get himself noticed & move upwards. But when he moves up to become a leader, he needs to understand that it’s no longer about him anymore…his success now lies in the people that he leads. And it is at this transition period that most leaders fail (to become good leaders) because they can’t let go of the ‘me’ factor.

A good leader is one that is his people can learn from & is able to guide them to achieve their own successes.

I thought this is so true. A high achiever in a company may not always be a good leader. And I can honestly say there are so few good leaders out there nowadays…and I can also honestly say that I’m far from it myself. Hehe. But it’s OK, one doesn’t necessarily need to be a leader to be successful.

Then he talks about success…that it has nothing to do with earning lots of money.

Anyway I thought it was a good interview. Check out the podcast here.

He also displays some of his work on his website. You can check out his website here.

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