New Addition

Finally this month marks my final payment to my baby, 600D. I’ve had it for 1 year now…well, almost…and I must say, the past year had been…fun (while it worked), stressful, tiring…to say the least. Quite a ride indeed.

After it went swimming with me, Canon had been sooooooo nice to repair it for me for free….but after it was repaired, it kept going in & out of the ‘hospital’ again…like at least 3 times after that. It’s most frustrating when you’re taking shots halfway & suddenly it just stopped working. Sigh. I think the people at Canon already know me by heart.

As I’m writing this, it’s in a ‘private hospital’ right now…waiting for its diagnosis.

After weeks of contemplation, I decided that all this in-and-out-of-hospital is just too tiring…and my baby needs a replacement.

So say ‘Hi’ to his 2-day-old replacement… 🙂


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