A Tribute…

Yesterday morning, I got an SMS that my colleague, Malathy, had passed away.

She was pregnant with her 3rd child and about due around this time. So when I didn’t see her for a week, I thought she had gone on maternity. Only last Thursday, I found out the truth about her absence. Her brother called in to say that she was in the ICU…in critical condition. I was shocked. I didn’t even know she was sick.

Apparently she wasn’t feeling well lately, so after some tests, they found out that she had breast cancer…and due to her pregnancy, it had already spread like wild fire…and had affected her liver & kidneys. So they quickly took her baby out…fortunately the baby was already almost due…but she never got better….and finally succumbed to the big “C” yesterday.

When I heard about it, I was still stunned…I had just seen her a week ago, healthy & fine…and now I’m actually reading that she’s gone. After awhile, reality started to sink in…and the soul became worse. It gets in your head & I was feeling down the whole night.

Though Malathy and I are not exactly close pals, we’ve shared many moments together. As a tribute to her, I shall list the things I remember about her:

  • She had a big butterfly tattoo across the back of her shoulder. And I remember taking a peep at it…with her consent of course.
  • She was the one who introduced me to Milkadeal & Groupon…when I saw her pedicure. And that was the first time I went for a mani & pedi…inspired by her toes.
  • She was one of them who recommended Eric, the chiropractor from Premier Chiropractic, SS2. She spoke of her experience, especially the so-called energy healing part and we had a good laugh about it.
  • She was one of the hot dancers on the floor on the Chao Phraya river cruise during our company trip to Bangkok last year.
  • She went to Chengdu with us this year too, despite being in her 4th/5th month of pregnancy.
  • She told me that she was going to do a mini-laparotomy during her delivery of the (current) 3rd baby. We went on to have a discussion about adoption & how she would prefer that to going through another pregnancy. Little did we know that in fact her life stops right there after her baby is born. Sigh.
  • By the way, she was younger than me.

OK, the story hasn’t ended yet.

That was yesterday. This morning when I went into the office, I found that Oreo had died too! 2 death news within 24 hours. And both were my office mates. I’m beginning to think that our office is some kind of jinxed. I’ve had Oreo for a year now…and it wasn’t uncommon that I’d leave him in the office over a 3-day weekend. This time is no different. But he didn’t make it through. Maybe he’s already aging (as advised by my fish expert colleague who gave him to me). But he really couldn’t have chosen a better time to go…together with Malathy. Sighhhhhh.

Anyway, this post is a tribute to both Malathy & Oreo. You’ll both be missed. May you rest in peace….


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