My Picture Perfect Story

If you hadn’t known, HealthToday magazine is part of our company’s publication.

The other day, Maithili (the Editor) asked me if she could do an interview with me for my story in photography. I agreed (obviously). She did ask me if I wanted to write the article myself, but because I wasn’t sure what exactly to write about, so I thought it’d be better for her to ask me questions instead.

So my story has just appeared in the November 2012 issue of HealthToday. See below (click for larger view to read it).

I didn’t realise that the story would be told from my point of view, i.e. with “I” & “me” as the storyteller. I thought it would be a “she” & “her” kinda article. I should have written it myself if I had known it…at least it’d be more personalised & real. 🙂 Anyway Maithili did send a draft to me first before publishing it & I thought it was pretty alright.

However I thought the picture (background) didn’t do justice to what makes it so special that I had picked it as my most favourite shot. They had totally cut off the highlight of the photo, i.e. the contours of the beach. Actually it’s supposed to show 2 silhouettes against the sunset at a low-tide dramatic beach. The full photo can be seen on the right.

Anyway maybe that’s just me…since I was the photographer. 🙂


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