Journey of Faith – Mission Preparation (Prequel)

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my long silence. The last entry was a year ago…as usual, been really lazy to blog. Nevermind about what happened in the past year….it’s been…an awakening experience…and finally walking out of the sinking mud that I’ve been trapped in for the longest time…with die-hard determination…no more turning back…no no no! OK now that it’s out of the way of my life….here’s to something more exciting…

Where shall I start…

Very briefly…(if you’re a non-believer, please bear with me for the next few posts…)

Last year, I was touched by the Holy Spirit in a mega way…after being “disconnected” for the last 6 years or so. Around that time, I had a vision…of doing mission…in some “ulu kampung”. First place that came to mind was Myanmar. Why Myanmar? Hmm…coz I have no interest in Cambodia…and Nepal is a place I’d like to go for hiking, not mission. Myanmar seems just right. The other place was the orang asli village deep within Sarawak. OK maybe it was just a daydream…but whatever it was, there were signs that convinced me that it was a calling from God. Firstly, I would never dream of doing mission before this….never! This has got to be the work of the Holy Spirit. Then, few weeks after the vision & telling a friend about it & the idea was still floating somewhere in my mind, a non-Christian friend of mine suddenly asked me out of the blue, “Dee, what is mission?” Like…the timing couldn’t be better right?! Shortly after that too, I got to know that a friend (whom I had wanted so many times to ask for drinks with my friends but never did!) had been headhunted & moved to Myanmar (of all places, right?). So mission & Myanmar. Mission + Myanmar. It just seems right to equate it to ‘Mission To Myanmar’!


Fast forward to today, yes, I’m going for a mission trip to Myanmar at the end of July! 🙂

(…to be continued)


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