About Me

So…some little facts about me…

I was born & bred in Ipoh…now living within the fumes of Klang Valley…working behind the tinted windows of an old & not-so-high rise in PJ that trembles each time an earthquake hits the nearby countries.

I am a Christian…not an active churchgoer but definitely a believer. I am pretty much a non-conformist…to a certain extent. I’d choose the offbeaten tracks, as they excite me…I’d pick the ‘different’ delicacies, as they intrigue me…and I’d live a life like I’ll never live it again.

My passions are not many. I love to travel. I love dogs…not so much of a cat-lover, I ain’t. I’m a National Geographic photographer in the making *ahem*, in my dreams that is! I like watching films in the big screen. I’ve been complimented on numerous times as a terrorfic terrific driver…though most of my girl friends would still rather avoid sitting at the front passenger seat when I’m behind the wheels. Hmm…anyway, I do love my ride & riding in it.

I am an outdoors person…the gym is so not my cup of tea. I dive (scuba, that is) once in a while…I love the seas & beaches & all its living creatures. As you can tell by now, I’m all out against sharks fin soup. I am also into jungle trekking/hiking these days…when I am not in the waters.

So that’s me in a nutshell.

The Petals is a sequel to my Multiply site…and I will keep all the old posts there as they are. For now, the Petals is really about me at this moment. All my crazy & random thoughts. And all the little things that matter.

OK, so have fun reading, peeps! 😉

Yours truly,


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