Crunching iPhone 4

After months of talking about it, yes, finally I got my iPhone 4!

I got it pretty much out of pure luck. As you know, it has been out-of-stock everywhere since it was launched. However I got it immediately from the Bangsar Village’s (less known) Maxis centre just because my boss happened to be there & found out that they had 15 pieces in the store. So we quickly got it the next day.

After using it for almost 3 weeks now, let me tell you what I like & don’t like about it, compared to my previous not-so-smart Sony Ericsson.

I LIKE the…

  • Display – Just like all other Apple gadgets, their HD displays are most exciting! The colours are sharper & everything simply looks nicer through the Apple! 😀 Not only that, they have cute icons for their apps & I love the way they toggle when you want to move/delete them (Tips: you just need to press any apps icon & hold, everything will toggle & then you can delete or move them around.)

Main page displaying the basic apps that comes with all new iPhones

This is to close the apps after using them. You wouldn’t want to have too many apps still running, as they may consume more battery.

(Tips: To do that, press the Home button twice. Then press any apps icon & hold, and then you may close them.)

  • Navigation – It’s so easy now with touchscreen, and I especially like how you just have to slide your finger across to flip to the next page. Even with their MacBooks, their navigation has always been very ‘canggih’…by using 1, 2, 3 & 4 fingers! OK, that’s story for another blog. 😉

This photo was taken with the iPhone 4 camera. The image & colours are sharp. Viewing & navigation of the photos are easy too.

  • Free calls / messaging / photo sharing – Well, of course not by iPhone but the apps, like WhatsApp, Viber, PingChat and the usual Skype, Yahoo & MSN. With these apps, we can skip paying for SMS & even calls, especially to overseas. WhatsApp even allows sending videos, photos & sharing location, i.e. sending the map of your current location to your friend. Of course these apps work with Android phones too but because I’m comparing with my old Sony Ericsson, so these are all exciting stuffs for me. 😛 iPhone 4 also has this FaceTime feature (that previous iPhones don’t have)…it’s actually video calls but it can only be used when both parties are connected on WiFi.
  • Apps – I know you know it too. The apps. Apple is filled with them. Name it & they have it. So far, I’ve only downloaded a few…like Foursquare, Facebook, Torch, Find iPhone, Gowalla & some games. These apps (especially 4Sq, Facebook & my Bubbles game) keep me occupied when I’m waiting for my food to be served, at home when I’m too lazy to open my laptop & even in traffic jams! Hehe. Maybe I’ll talk about some of these apps individually later in my next few blogs. 😉

These are Emoji emoticons that can be inserted into all your text messages. However for SMS, they only appear correctly if they’re sent to another iPhone.

(Tips: To download & enable these Emojis for FREE, download the “Emoji Free!” app & you’ll find the instructions when you open it.)

However, I DON’T LIKE the…

  • Touchscreen messaging – Well, not exactly “don’t like”, maybe I’m still not used to it. Until today, I still keep pressing the wrong keys, especially when using my thumb. Dad said if with my fingers that happens, with his he won’t be able to text at all. Haha. It’s just so annoying especially when you hope to send a quick text, like when driving, etc. OK, I know that’s illegal but it’s just virtually impossible to do it now. And you know how super sensitive these Apple gadgets’ touchscreen & touchpad are. Sigh. Maybe I just need more practice.
  • Events / To-do list / Birthday Alerts – For events, you can’t customise the alerts, as in any time that you want. They have a pre-set timing for the reminders & I find it very inconvenient because sometimes they’re not suitable timings to receive the alerts. (See screenshot below) What if I want to be reminded 6 hours or 12 hours before? For to-do list & birthdays, worse, there’s no reminder at all! Some may argue that you could put your to-do items as events (instead of in Notes) but again, it’s back to the same issue of the alert timing. Sigh. So I’ll have to download another app just to set reminders for to-do list & birthdays.

  • Bluetooth – Oh gosh, I don’t know why they even bother having it when it NEVER works. It couldn’t even connect to my MacBook, mind you. I used to use Bluetooth a lot to transfer photos, songs & ringtones to/from my phone. Now, I’ll always have to use the cable to transfer anything at all. Another super annoying redundant feature that needs to be improved in their next iPhone 5.
  • Ringtones – You can’t just transfer any MP3 or audio file into the phone as ringtones because they will automatically appear in the iPod app, as songs. There’s an easier way to do this, which is to download the Ringer app onto your laptop. With Ringer, you can choose which part of the song you want as ringtone, then immediately convert that part into ringtone files, so you just need to sync them to your iPhone after that. However, I think Ringer is only available for Mac OS (correct me if I’m wrong). So if you’re on Windows, you’ll probably need to do it the long way, which I did at first before downloading Ringer. (Tips: See here for instructions.) It’s extremely troublesome & I don’t see why they need to make it so difficult to transfer ringtones.

These are all I can think of so far. Maybe I’ll add on to the list when I find more interesting/annoying features of iPhone 4. Meantime, I’m just having loads of fun with it! 😉

Tips: To get a screenshot of your iPhone 4, just press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously. Then, voila! 🙂

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