Baby in OT: Footage

With modern equipments, they were able to remove the engine from the bottom.

My baby’s heart…in the open!

It has been a week now and so far so good. No more leaking. Thank God. The bill came up to RM935, after changing the fly wheel oil shield, auto ball oil shield, driveshaft oil shields & transmission oil. Out of the 4 items, I only know transmission oil. Haha. Anyway, good thing I get to claim this from my car maintenance allowance. 🙂

* Pics courtesy of Auto Saver (M) Sdn Bhd (Facebook page – A.S Racing Development)


Baby in OT

My baby Vios is in the operation theatre today. 😦

Last week, my so-called neighbour…well, not really neighbour because he doesn’t stay next to me or even in my block but his car is permanently parked in front of mine…was the one who told me about it. I’ve never spoken to him in the last 3 years that our cars have been sniffing each other everyday, but last week, as I was going into my car, the uncle came & asked me whether I knew that my car’s engine oil was leaking. It was only then that I realised my baby was, well, unwell.

So last Sat, I brought it to Ah Tuck. Ah Tuck has been my mechanic for years, even when I was still driving dad’s old Lancer. However he will be moving to China next year, so had asked me before to start looking for another mechanic soon. Anyway, when I showed him the leakage, he told me that it will take 1- 2 days to fix it & he wouldn’t be able do it because he still had 6 other cars waiting for him to fix. Furthermore, he’s a one-man show. Then I brought it to Auntie Mee’s mechanic, who told me the same thing – it will need 2 days to fix because the leak was in between the transmission oil & engine oil compartments, therefore they need to remove the engine before they can fix it. Then the 3rd place I went was to Toyota Service Centre, and worse, they told me it will take 4-5 days to fix, without even diagnosing my car! Finally I called Edison.

Edison is one of the guys I met during my days in TVCM. I have been getting my engine oil & filter from him for almost 2 years now, which is the M7 Super Street Oil. I like it so far because it gives my baby good acceleration power, compared to Castrol, which I had used only once & never again. OK, to be fair, it was only a semi-synthetic. Fine. Toyota Fully Synthetic wasn’t too bad either…I was using it for the first 3 years before switching to M7.

So anyway, I finally went to Edison’s shop, Auto Saver in Bandar Sunway, initially just wanting to buy another can of M7 to top up my receding engine oil. Then he checked my baby, showed me where the leak was & explained to me what needs to be changed. They will only need 1 full day to fix it, he said, because they have sufficient equipments to change the parts from the bottom instead of having to remove the engine from the top.

Great. New equipments. 1 full day. Efficient. Clean place. Comprehensive explanation. Speaks English. Haha. So anyway, I went with him. So today I dropped my baby with him in the morning and then he drove me to my office. Cool…personal service some more. Later my boss will drop me at his place on the way home to collect my baby. I hope my baby will be all well & healthy after this…though it’s already 5 years old & ‘matured’ enough to find its second owner now, which ranks quite high on my contemplating list, but  that’s topic for another blog another time. Ah well…anyway if everything goes well today, I might switch to Edison for my baby’s next service. We’ll see. 🙂

6/8: I ogled a HOT babe today!

No, it’s not new. But I still salivate everytime I see this babe on the road. Check out its even hotter sister, Bianca White. It burnt my phone everytime before I could snap a pic of it. Darn. 😛

Peugeot 308. The right chemistry.

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