Hennessy Artistry Night

Last Sat night, I attended my first Hennessy Artistry party in Mist Club, Bangsar. I went with Gary & met up with Yu Jin & his posse. One of his buddies was Dennis Lau, a songwriter, violin protegé & recently an actor. Watch out for his upcoming film, Nasi Lemak 2.0, starring Namewee as the main actor.

Halfway through, a few other people came to sit with us. So I chatted with this ‘sweet young thing’ beside me. Said that she was also from Ipoh. Main Convent girl. When we stood up to take photos, I looked like a midget beside her. Goshhh…she was TALL! 1.75 m, apparently. She said she was modelling & currently undergoing some training…for Miss Malaysia Universe! Just found out that she has won several beauty pageants before too. Hmmm…might she represent our country next….? Keep a lookout for Zana Chin. 🙂

So anyway, for the whole night I only took one photo on my iPhone, and that’s with Dennis. OK laaaaahhhhh….think I look like his mother! Haha. 😛

Dennis & me.

With Gary, Zana & her bf, Donovan.

(Pic courtesy of Nelson Teon)

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