I just got my very own wetsuit last night and I’m very excited about it! 😀 It’s a full-sized Bare Velocity 3/2 with stretched neoprint – just like the one in the picture here. The normal price was RM595 but it was on discount, so I got it for RM490. Gosh! My wetsuit is even more expensive than my Mount Kinabalu package! Haha.

It all started because of my upcoming dive trip to Pulau Dayang this long weekend. I already have my mask & fins, then Gary said he will lend me his old BCD so that I don’t need to rent any equipment there. Then the only problem was that he couldn’t find a wetsuit to lend to me, so I thought perhaps it’s high time for me to get my own wetsuit anyway.

First, I went to this dive shop in Mid Valley called Dive Station Aquaventure, it’s on the same floor as the GSC cinema. I went in, walked around for at least 10 mins, there were 3-4 staff doing their own thing but none of them bothered to serve me. So, I walked off. Then, Seri Naga told me that he got some of his equipments from the Scuba Dynamics in Desa Sri Hartamas, and that the place offers a wider range of brands & equipments, and most importantly, at reasonable discounted prices. So, off I went last night. The guy there was very nice, friendly & helpful. Gee, I forgot to ask his name. Haha. But he’s a Malay chap and I was happy to buy from him.

Initially I had wanted to get a rash guard & board shorts, as they seem to be more flexible & comfortable. But after reading some comments & thinking it through, finally I decided that I might as well get a reasonably good wetsuit instead. The whole purpose of a wetsuit is to keep the body warm the entire time while in the water, because even in warm waters (like 27 deg C), one can get into hypothermia without proper insulation. The rash guard, unfortunately, doesn’t help much in keeping the body warm. More info on wetsuit can be found in Wikipedia.

So now that I’m finally Bare-d…I am all ready to rock & roll, baby! Woohoooo…..!! 😛

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