Wall Climbing @ Putrajaya

During Merdeka Day, me with Jamie, Steve & the kids went for a different challenge than the usual hike…we went wall climbing at Putrajaya.

The place was at Putrajaya Challenge Park @ Precinct 5. It was quite a big place…but maybe because it was Merdeka Day & many people thought it would be closed, so it was practically empty…and also maybe partly because it was during Ramadhan too. So we had the whole place to ourselves.

The entrance fee is RM6 for adults and RM3 for students. For beginners without any prior training before, you are not allowed to rent the gears (with rope & harness & all)…so you’ll just have to climb the walls that have mattresses below, bare-handedly. You may rent their climbing shoes but I found the shoes were extremely uncomfortable….so we decided to go barefooted too, since we were not allowed to wear normal shoes onto the mattresses. They also conduct climbing classes, which is only 1-time for a full day (5 hours) at RM70 including gears, which I thought was very reasonable.

So, back to the climb, it was really fun! The kids were really good…they managed to climb to the top very quickly & swiftly…just like Spiderman! 😛 Maybe because they’re much lighter…yea yea, of course fitter too…since they play football almost everyday. As for me & Jamie, we complained a lot about the small ‘rocks’ at the bottom because we couldn’t get a good grip on them and they were very painful to our feet. There were few times that I got stuck in the middle and didn’t know whether to go up or down! Up seemed scary but down seemed even scarier! Hahaha. I mean, although there were mattresses below, jumping down still seemed really scary! Anyway after some successful trials later at the children’s climbing room (yeah, that was probably our standard! :P), we went back to the adults’ wall and managed to reach the top…Jamie a few times but me once coz my feet & hands were really painful by then.

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can check it out at the Putrajaya Challenge Park website. Somehow they haven’t been doing much promotion on it, I don’t know why…

Here are some shots taken by Steve…

For the advanced level.

Working hard…and this was just the beginners’ wall.


We were so happy & proud of ourselves for reaching the top….ahem…at the children’s wall! Haha.

By the way, both my arms, up to parts below my armpit, have all been aching since! Even driving is…urgghhhhhh….a painful task! 😛

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